Innovative and Effective Ear Cleaning Products

Over the years the products used for cleaning ears and wax removal have changed considerably and as a result, consumers most likely can benefit from some of the new ear cleaning products. A sampling of consumer favorites are reviewed below.

Chemical Ear Drops

Debrox, Otix, and Murine are all water-based peroxide mixtures to be used twice per day, for up to four days, in each affected ear. To use, have the ear face up and pull down and back on the lobe so that the ear canal is straight. Place the label’s recommended drops into the ear canal, leaving the ear facing up for several minutes. Ear wax may gently rise to the outer ear naturally, but if not, irrigate the ear to remove the excess. Ear drops such as these are often sold in kits with bulb syringes.


While many wax softening ear cleaning products utilize chemical softeners, Audiclean does not. Audiclean is a natural ear cleaning product. The ingredients include a hydrating water-based formula, apricot kernel oil, and eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is well-known for its antiseptic properties so that if trace amounts remain in the ear, the drops will continue to protect. Like other drops, Audiclean is put in the ear and within 30 minutes the solution is washed out to remove excess wax and dirt.

Similasan’s Ear Wax Relief™ Homeopathic Ear Drops

Based on the gentle discipline of homeopathy, these drops are an all-natural option to consider. The product is glycerin based and claims to be non-drying. In homeopathy, the goal is to stimulate the body’s natural systems and bring the body back into balance. The non-drying formula may be the natural answer to chronic excessive earwax, tinnitus, itchiness, or dried-out ears that to create too much or too little wax. If the drops don’t encourage the ears to slowly clean themselves, a simple irrigation may do the trick, but over time the ears should return to a self-cleaning state.


This innovative ear cleaning product solves a great deal of problems in regards to ear cleaning. The design solves the problem that bulb syringes present, mainly that the design is straight and not ergonomically easy to use on yourself. Earclear attaches to the showerhead, allowing you to put the syringe in at an angle and flush the ear in the shower. The fact that the Earclear syringe uses simple warm shower water reduces the dizziness that you sometimes feel with colder water. Since it is done in the shower, there is also no mess or water to clean-up.

High-quality Ear Candles

Though the controversy rages among the experts as to safety and efficacy, ear candling, or ear coning, has been performed for centuries. If you plan to try this method for at-home use, you will want to have someone else perform the procedure on you, follow all safety instructions, and use quality candles. Substandard candles are unevenly waxed, which can mean dripping or hot wax falling into the ear canal. A.J.’s Candles in Canada claims to have a proprietary process that evenly coats with beeswax and provides superior results. Though soy ear candles are available, they are relatively new and may not burn evenly.

Checking in with your health care provider is always a good idea with your hearing on the line, but many at-home products are safe and effective. When used appropriately, over-the-counter ear drops, syringes and other ear cleaning products provide relief from discomfort and restore balance in the ear.